Take Control of Your Own Financial Future

Thinking & Planning about future is very important in this decaying society.lt has transformed from being an overnight thought to a necessity. Decade after decade society is changing to a large extent & weird trends are settling in. ln this 21st century, it can be often seen that children are ill-treating their parents & actually “No-one is there for anyone”. In this modern arena, money has become the basic & only means to survive well Moreover, the degrading character of upcoming generation is making it mandatory for parents to secure their future along with the present expenses. Everyone should try to become independent whether they are in a position to work or not It not only helps in removing the financial problem but also provides with internal satisfaction. Now, what might be the reasons that people have to start saving for their future? To some extent, parents are growing up their children for the same purpose only.

But an extended overlook reveals that many of the children are leaving their parents in a worse condition as they (children) grow up. They usually think that their parents are of no benefit to them when they turn old & consider them as a burden. Parents are either provided a small room in son’s large home where parents are only provided with their meals or are sent to old age home where their care is taken to a minimal value.

This type of behavior is rapidly increasing as youth has become more selfish, arrogant & money minded. Moreover this issue has a larger percentage in western countries. So looking at the mentioned things it is quite clear why people need to save money for their future? The first most step one can perform to help themselves is by saving a fixed amount of money from their monthly income as a pension rather than depending & believing on their children.

Secondly, parents must have legal properties on their names only ,which can be cashed by them in needy situations. It is often seen that parents often buy properties on their children’s names out of love , but generally the same love is not given to parents. At third, parents need to incorporate worthy values & beliefs in children’s mind which will help them becoming a trustful & better person & will unique them from this bad arena. It’s pretty obvious that a person with values will never let his/her parents face financial problems in their old age. So it can be concluded that rather than being the puppets of children, people (parents) must take control & initiative, settling their future the way they like.