Comprehensive review of The Credit People

The Credit People is a company that has been providing quality, reliable and professional credit repair services since 2001. Services are provided by qualified and experienced credit repair, score analysis, support, sales, executive, technical and marketing teams. All these teams are firmly committed to ensuring that all clients get value for their money.

Where is The Credit People’s Office Located?

Its head office is found on Sand Lake Road, Orlando. The company has a user-friendly website that previous and prospective clients, as well as other interested parties, can visit its web address is

Why choose the company?

The Credit People has assisted more than 100, 000 clients over a span of 10 years. The vast experience has enabled it to establish a solid reputation, which has effectively enabled it to be the best company in the provision of credit repair services.

Employees of the company spend a considerable amount of energy, time and other resources in developing credit repair services that satisfy the needs of all clients.

The Credit People has attractive service features such as;

Free credit scores and reports Guarantee of satisfaction Affordable rates Comprehensive credit reports 24-hour access to accounts Score-driven results.

Free credit scores and reports: the company freely provides clients with credit scores and reports as soon as they approach it. This is advantageous because it enables both parties to know where they’re starting from. This feature also facilitates measurement of results at the end.

Guarantee of satisfaction: all clients are given a money-back guarantee. Therefore, they are not required to pay if they aren’t satisfied according to this review.

Affordable rates: at the start-up stage, clients are only required to pay $19. Additionally, the company doesn’t charge high set up fees, credit score fees, high monthly costs, premium service levels or hidden report fees.

Comprehensive credit reports: clients are assured of getting all necessary details at no extra cost.

24-hour access to accounts: the company strongly believes in transparency and accountability. Clients can, therefore, log into their accounts at any time to establish what it is doing on their behalf.

Score-driven results: the company doesn’t just provide interventions. It also solves disputes on behalf of clients.

  • Pricing/ Subscription plans
  • The Credit People has two major pricing plans;
  • Flat-rate membership Monthly membership
  • Flat-rate membership

Each client has the option of subscribing to a comprehensive $299 credit repair program that lasts for a six month period.

Any client who subscribes to this package is assured of deriving full satisfaction. The company takes care of everything without charging any extra fees.

Monthly membership

Each client who chooses this pricing plan has the liberty of exploring services for 1 week at a cost of only $ 19. If the client is contented after the 7 day trial period, he/she can officially subscribe to the monthly membership plan that costs only $ 59.

Since it’s a Pay-As-You-Go system, a client can cancel his/her subscription at the end of any month.

Customers who need credit repair services can consider procuring services of The Credit People because it offers the following exceptional benefits and features; two pricing plans (flat-rate or monthly subscription), certified FCRA, 24-hour access to accounts, inquiry validation and reliable customer service (toll-free).

The company also offers free credit scores and reports, debt validation, score-driven results, efficient communication with creditors, a guarantee of satisfaction as well as the resolution of an unlimited number of disputes.